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#5 Things you must know about Bathroom remodeling in Dallas Tx [Prices included]

#1. How to choose the right remodeling company?

When it comes to remodeling your old bathroom, whether it’s your Master bathroom or your Guest bath in Dallas Tx, homeowners stand in front of many stressful decisions. Should I go with a general contractor, Design-build company or even my handyman? Each one of those options can be a good fit for the right project.

General contractors

Can comes in two forms, a “one-man show” or a construction company. Typically none of them provide any design work and therefore, you would need to make all the legwork, specify the materials cost, choose by yourself the colors, overall design and deliver the space planning and drawings. This method will work if you have a design background or a designer on your side. One of the main disadvantages is learning about the cost of the project only after completing the design of your space. If the price is too high, you will need to go back to the drawing board over and over. By using a “one-man show” type, also acknowledge that he is only one, and typically he will need to divide his attention between many different customers at the same time. Those type of things can lead to a lack of communication or unresolved problems.

Design-build company

A great way these days to tackle your bathroom design and construction project under the same roof. Those companies usually have designers on staff which allow you to design within your budget as well as production teams. They will be a good fit for your project if you wish to invest over 50k dollars on your project and make many layout changes. Their large number of employees, such as salespeople, designers, estimators, and production team allows them to deal only with larger projects.


Your favorite handyman typically will be a jack of all trades but unfortunately, a master of none. A handyman will be the best fit for your project as long as the project required very light changes or replacements. Replace your faucet or mirror, fix a broken towel rack, and the list go on and on. When it comes to minor fixing, the handyman has no competitors. A full bathroom renovation, for most handymen, will place him in a failed situation and can cause many issues like project delays, lack of quality work crooked tiles, dealing with plumbing or electrical tasks without the proper license, etc. This option also requires an external designer by your side.


Here at FIXED, we have decided to take the best of all worlds based on the design-build method but with the affordable price tag. By creating a revolutionary bathroom remodeling packages and focusing solely on bathrooms remodeling, we eliminated the needs of many of the traditional employees like salespeople or estimators. You will work closely with our fantastic interior designers to complete your design while the price is fully transparent upfront. By using this method, we were able to reduce almost 50% of the cost of your future project comparing to any design-build company. Your dedicated interior designer will help you to choose the right package, finishes, colors, walls and floors tiles, vanity, tub, shower door and many more in only one meeting. Upon completion of your design package, our production team will schedule a site visit for final measurements and the first day of construction.

Our fixed price packages stay the same no matter the size and square foot of your bathroom.

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#2. Master bathroom remodel cost in the Dallas area

According to the latest cost vs. value report, the cost to remodel your bathroom is $62,074.

At FIXED, The average cost of a master bathroom is $24,000. Focuses on bathrooms remodeling projects only without any other remodeling services, allows us to perfect our services and increase efficiency throughout the process while providing nothing less than fantastic customer experience.

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#3. Guest bathroom cost in the Dallas area.

A typical gust bath remodeling in Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding cities will typically range between $25,000-$50,000. At FIXED, remodeling your small bathroom will average at only $15,000.

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#4. No change orders guarantee!

Typical bathroom renovation contractors love change orders. It allows them to start the project at a low price and increase it through the change order channel, mainly when the homeowner provides the material the general contractor sections, the typical project cost will increase by 30%-40%. Design-build companies that in charge for all materials usually manage to be at 10%-20% change orders.

Here at FIXED, we’ve got your back, no matter what, your price will not change through the project. ZERO change orders guarantee. Rotten pipe, that’s on us, missing insulation? we will add more at no cost. Why? We want to make your bathroom remodel a stress-free experience!

#5. How long it takes to design and remodel my bathroom?

Master bath time frame

Designing your master bathroom with a designer or a design-build company will take on average two months. That will include selecting all the materials, drawings, and writing the scope of work. Construction part should take 2-4 months.

Master bath: Time frame with FIXED

Our FIXED packages based on many years of experience, and almost every homeowner, will find the exact bathroom package for him. Therefore, and thanks to our advanced technology, in only one design meeting at our showroom we can start and finish it all. Your bathroom makeover is ready to begin. Construction time will take up to two months for two main reasons. First, is because we purchase 100% of the materials before construction starts. The second reason for that shorter time frame is because we do not bounce our people between several projects. A new project starts when another one ends.

Guest bathroom time frame

Design your guest bathroom with a designer or a design-build company will take on average one month. That will include selecting all the materials, drawings and writing the scope of work.

Guest bath: Time frame with FIXED

Our FIXED packages based on many years of experience and almost every homeowner will find the exact guest bathroom package for him. Therefore, and thanks to our advanced technology, in only one design meeting at our showroom we can start and finish it all.

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